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Is equally into a daily training programme for unemployed and weekend training for working class people with backup CERTIFICATE in vocations listed below:-

             Pomade/Vaseline
             Body cream/Lotion
             Hat making
             Hair conditioner
             Cold water starch
             Shampoo hair
             Insecticide drop/spray
             Custard powder and pap
             Liquid soap production
             Odour removal
             Cocoa beverage production (CHOCOLATE)
             Fruit juices
             Stove thread making
             Olive oil
             Disinfectants production
             Face powder
             Rat poisoning production
             Body perfume
             Air freshner production
             Tablet soaps
             Liquid stain removals production (bleach)
             Bar soaps

As a member of this network you can empower yourself by making use of this opportunity to become self employed in any of the above listed vocations at a very affordable price and at your own convenience.


Groups and individuals are welcome.



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