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CYWE Network Cywe Network

This is a scheme introduced in line with the center for youth and women empowerment desire of empowering it's members for a better health by putting food on the table, thereby saving them the excessive expenses in cured in daily feeding of their family members. This scheme will also admit them as distributors or CYWE Products. This will be of great assistance to youths, single mothers, house- wifes, husbands, and in-short everybody because good foods determine your health which in turn determines your wealth. Each distributor must purchase up to N20,000.00, Naira worth of CYWE products on fort night basis to get their bonuses/ packages.

You will register with N6,000.00 into center for youth and women empowerment (CYWE Ventures International Limited) account in any Skye bank  for Welcome pack kit consisting of Cywe Bag, Cywe Soap, 400G Sachet Milk. You are expected to get 6 qualifying downlines to get you qualified to get our product every Two weeks; Whereby you choose any package of your choice that suit your family need e.g.:


Pay N6,000 (1) - Bose get registered and collected her Welcome Pack

(Feeder Stage)

Introduce 6 downlines  (1*6)                             

- she qualifies for First Stage Supply of Food Stuff and House hold Worth N15,000

(Stage 1)

Each of her 6 downlines Introduces at least 6 person    (6*6)                

- she qualifies for her 2nd Stage supply worth N80,000

(Stage 2)

at 1st level each of her direct downlines - in stage 2 introduces 6 persons each (6*36)

- she qualifies for N30,000 worth of products for 7 months + N50,000 cash for two months

(Stage 3)

At 3rd level each of her downlines in 2nd level intoduces 6 persons each    (6*108)

- she qualifies for Cywe Franchise worth N1.5 Million to build her as an enterprenuer

(Stage 4)

At 4th level, each of her donwlines in 3rd level introduces 6 persons each   (6*648)

- she qualifies for brand new hyundai car worth N5 million, travelling allowance of N1Million to dubai, Cywe Product Franchise worth N2Million, Leadership Bonus worth N1Million

(Stage 5)

At 5th level, each of the downlines in   -      she earns for 1.3 Million from team members that

4th stage intoduces 6 persons each            joins stage 5, 5% profit sharing from the company

(6*3888)                                                       payment, 40% food items and house hold and 20%

                                                                     cash bonus.

Bose cycles out and re registered again to retain all her downlines when they cycle out. It's endless supply of food on the table and House hold network for all families.

CYWE Network Cycle

Every payment and registration form must be submitted on or before 12th and 25th of every month while the supply will be made to qualify members on the 15th and 30th of every month.

There is room for multiple registration so far you can get downlines for them. Pick up the registration form from center for youth and women empowerment network head office or from your team leaders.


carbon of CYWE liquid brightening foam bath
carton CYWE herbal bathing soap
10kg of semovita
1/2 bag of rice

tubers of yam
groundnut oil
carton CYWE Moringa Cream
bucket of garri/cassava flour
carton CYWE hair cream.
25kg of rice (½ bag)
carton CYWE liquid soap
carton CYWE bathing soap
tin tomatoes
400g packet of milk.
bucket of beans
carton of indomie noodles
carton CYWE liquid soap
carton CYWE herbal bathing soap
CYWE Herbal Hair cream.

There will be central seminar every Saturday at 1, Fayemi Edu close by 10:00 am .

Team leaders and members are free to organize their own seminars every other days.

In this present day of inflation, food scarcity and tight schedule of corporate bodies and personnels, center for youth and women empowerment (CYWE) have fashioned an easy and cheap way to supply and put food on your table and money in your hands In order to combat malnutrition and inflation, providing an easy access to your monthly family food stuffs supply despite one's busy schedule. So go out there and get your six downlines immediately because the Lord has provided much in the midst of scarcity. So shall be your testimony. Amen. See you as soon as you sign-up.


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