ABout us


CYWE VENTURES is a house hold product company. We are into mass production of liquid soap, body perfume, tablets soap (hotel lodging and herbal bathing soap) liquid insecticides and liquid air fresher.

We are also into production on special order some product such as stain removal, scrubbing powder, disinfectants, cocoa beverages stove thread, custard powder, cold water starch, odor removal, face powder, olive oil, fruit juice etc. for different organizations.

We render services such as home deliveries of our   products and vocational training programmes to interest schools, political parties, religious bodies, societies and organization in order to empower them into embracing multiple steam of income and become self reliance at a very affordable prices.

CYWE household product and services are daily household usage items that are continually purchased by every organization such as school, hotels, homes, churches, mosques etc. and by everyone. They generate fund for manufacturers both locally and internationally. He product can be exported into other neighboring countries and are in constant demand in both local and international market.

They are equally use as souvenir and gift items at occasions like wedding, birthday ceremonies, burial ceremonies, Christmas festive period to mention but a few.

The commodities are held at a very high esteem by the society both rich and poor because of their quality and their affordable prices.   


Y.E.O.P Youth Empowerment Outsourcing Programme is a new affiliate to Centre for Youth and Women Empowerment